Friday, November 11


Today we discussed coping mechanisms. I find this very beneficial because we need to find strategies for crisis that come into our lives.  Trials will always be there for us, it is when we take perspective and learn how to cope with trouble that we find JOY.  We discussed these types of coping mechanisms that are habits and have a negative connotation:

Denial: declaring something to be untrue
Avoidance: keep away from problem
Scapegoating: blaming others for wrongdoing, mistakes, or faults of others

I find that I am an avoider. Within my relationships and within my family I find that there are uncomfortable things to talk about and instead of talking or addressing my concerns and thoughts, I avoid the situation. I'm going to have to address crisis. I am a thinker. I think, think, think.  I find solutions in my head.  Do I act upon it? No.

Can we plan to cope ahead? Yes, that is ideal. This is relevant to me and my family now. My parents and I are expecting a crisis this Thanksgiving break, we plan to tell the "little girls" about our family system. It breaks my heart because everyone is going to be hurting. I've been praying that we will have strength. I pray that the girls will be strong.  I pray that Mom and Dad will be faithful.  I am preparing for this family crisis.  Am I going to be an avoider? No.  Am I in denial? No. I am sad. Do I blame God? No.  I have been prepared and rely on the strength of the Lord, he has prepared me to cope.

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