Tuesday, November 8

Who's responsible?

For week six we talked about Transitions in Marriage.  This is important to talk about and understand because two people come from habitual single lives, and then step straight into marriage and have new expectations of themselves and expectations of their new spouse. This is when I find communication to be extremely important.  

Within a new marriage there will be conflicts.  Is it easy to say fight fair? Or, is it about communication and honesty? I believe that there is no such thing as compromising.  I think that conflict is a time when both adults need to step back, breath, talk, and pray.  In a marriage you will have to give up and sacrifice certain pleasures for your spouse.  The 50/50 theory doesn't work in a marriage.  If it did, life would be unproductive.  Isn't it wonderful that in a marriage we have two experts in a certain area, we teach, and work together.  

It is time to establish your own marital system, away from your family of origin.  Start marriage off in an active way rather than in a reactive way. 

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