Saturday, October 15

The Importance of Gender

Is gender important? Why is it that men perform certain roles, and women their specific roles? Should we be equal? What do you think?

In my opinion I see the beauty in the difference between males and females. You cannot be a genderless person, femininity and masculinity are wonderful and wholesome.  I believe that men and women have a "divine nature and eternal destiny".  Men compliment women, and women compliment men.  We are not opposite, we are complimentary.  For example, you can't have one without the other. It's like day and night or your right hand and left hand. You need both to function properly.

I see men as aggressive, provider, task-oriented, active, more verbal, presider over family, spatial, one focus, able to switch gears easily.

I see women as nurturing, relationship oriented, responsive, aware, able to do multiple things at once, detailed, and loving.

In a broken world full of confusion I think it is important to be willing to accept gender differences.  Men and women compliment each other, we are not trying to erase the strengths of each gender, we are trying to build upon them.

Saturday, October 8

C u l t u r e & D i v e r s i t y

Have you ever thought, what is diversity? What defines me?

I see that diversity as a variety of characteristics such as:
-faith             -values
-gender         -beliefs
-ethnicity      -age
-geography  - experience
-language     -culture

Are we good at understanding our differences or our similarities?

I don't have answers to these questions, but I do know that there can be unity within diversity. Becoming one does not mean becoming the same. Remember, that you are a child of God.  

Not one person will think alike.  We are ignorant if we don't take the time to learn or understand other people and their culture.  Don't fall into culture poverty.